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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cathy (and Sometimes Gina) Not Quite Ready for Julia and Julia Time

Happy New Years! Happy New Decade!

According to at least one calendar. Somewhere.

I thought I would write over the December holidays. Then Three Kings Day. Then before Martine Luther King’s birthday. I knew I had to write before the end of January. How do you start the year off right and not do something before the end of January? Like this, I guess.

Happy Groundhog Day! I read it’s gonna be six more weeks. Go figure.

Even more important than Groundhog Day, today is the day that I made homemade—yes, by my hands—caesar dressing. I won’t say it was a Caesar salad cuz I didn’t put in croutons. I bought the ingredients on Saturday, and I wasn’t sure when I would actually make the dressing. It feels kinda like when you wanna have a baby and you check your temperature or Clear Blue ovulation kit for…the right time. Okay, maybe not just like it but kinda.

I made Caesar dressing once before when I was home in the City. A special person knew that I loved the dressing at a certain café and she surprised me with it for my birthday one year. She told one of the workers who she was asking the recipe for and he, kind soul, spilled his guts. He’s one of my I Love Men! men for obvious reasons. I meant to keep that recipe forever. Maybe I have kept it forever. I just don’t remember where.

I thought I had remembered the ingredients and could make the garlicky, lemony concoction again, but the right time never came. I’m learning that “right times” don’t come. You make the time and it’ll be right.

Hail Caesar!