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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mom After Work, circa 1983

November 10th is my Mom's 71st birthday. I don't put her on paper often, but when I do, it's usually about her and not her. Here is an attempt to hear her. Or, a part of her at one time.

I'm working on a party piece, but in the mean time...If you're out and about on the 10th, any day in November, or any Friday or Saturday night: take off your work clothes and put on an outfit that'll turn heads; dance like you're on Soul Train; and have a Seven and 7 for my Mom. Salud to my favorite Scorpio Lady!

There was this tamata on the bus

You know, a floozy

No, not a real prostitute

Just some dame wearing tacky Mission Street clothes

Turn it down

Yes, down

I’m not up to hearing Michael right now

No, not even Diana

Turn it down

Or turn it off.


Where’s my robe?

I need to get out of these things

Why are you still wearing your school clothes?

Haven’t I told you?

You’re not going to learn until-

I give up

Where’s the mail?

Did you do your homework?

Where’s your sister?

Have you been on the phone all afternoon?

I hope not

Did you start something for dinner?

Ay, mija, why not?

I’m not the cook around here, you know

Why can’t you?

You like to eat, don’t you?

Don’t Yes-but-Mom me

I came out of the building

Saw that damn 26

And ran as fast as I could in these shoes

I know people were laughing

But I didn’t care

Anyway, so I’m on the bus

I told you it’s over with him

He wasn’t out there anyway

where was I?

no, no, no

Now I have to start all over!

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  1. great stuff. for sure, I will have a 7/7 for your Ma.


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