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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Breakfast Taco Envy

Why? Why does Texas have breakfast tacos and we don't? Why, God, why?!

Breakfast taco:
small corn or flour tortilla
Add some beans, papas, huevos, or bacon. Okay, those are my favorite contents but there are plenty others. Some salsa on the side. Mmmm.
Affordable: $1.69 at Austin's Chilito on Dean Keeton for each 2-item taco isn't dirt cheap but 2 tacos for $3.40 do satisfy a panza until lunch.
Easy to eat sitting down or on the go

Why can't I find these where I live? I'd like to be able to buy them when I'm out and about. Or, it'd be nice sometimes to run out and get a dozen--okay, a dozen-- and bring them home to eat.

Yes, Burque has plenty of tasty breakfast burritos--red and green--and my Mission has delicious, filling lunch and dinner burritos. But there are just some mornings when I wish I could eat breakfast tacos without having to change time zones. Or cooking them myself.

I arrived on Wednesday afternoon. Thursday: 1 taco with beans and bacon, 1 with papa con huevo. Friday: 1 taco with beans and egg, 1 with with papas and bacon. Saturday: same as Friday. All on flour tortillas with a chipotle salsa. I can't wait for Sunday morning. Twelve hours. Tick, tock.

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