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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Life on the Road

years ago my auntie allie

and little cousin jovi came

from their small farm in sonoma

before wineries put that county on the map

they visited us

my very brown father

my white stepmother

my brown face


no-denying-my-missing-african-link hair

in that house

in middle class white suburbia

that same world i had visited on weekends

only moved to from the mission

after my mother died

a year earlier

jovi and i played on dad’s front lawn

a sloppy throw

bungled catch

jovi yelled

the ball went into the road!

i laughed and laughed

it’s a street not a road!

as i stepped off the sidewalk

today auntie still lives in forestville

jovi moved to a place called bend

they laugh and laugh at me

without sidewalks

here on garden road

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